Watch this video to discover everything you've wanted to know about increasing ROI. We'll show you how visitor behavior impacts your bottom line and how SCALAR SITES can scale your business!
Build Your E-Commerce & Lead Gen Business with the tools to SCALE. We've built everything you need in house as one unified platform.


*MORE* Than what you thought was possible

Universal Tracking Metrics

We'll show you True ROI with our advanced tracking and reporting platform. Every click is tracked from your clients IP address, and even across devices with our unique tracking technology. A Single and Unified Dashboard unites your marketing and scaling efforts into one easy to understand view.

Customer Relationship Management

Every single visitor is entered as a contact in SCALAR SITES, their entire history on their site is logged. See where a specific content entered your business, what they purchased and when. Make better decisions and know your customer like never before.

Customer Interaction Management

We combined chat, email, text, facebook and twitter into a unified interaction management system. No customer will fall through the cracks with our system. Assign a team to manage your customer service and grow sales across all channels.

Sign Up Forms

Create subscription forms to collect leads on our super fast landing page builder. We've got everything you need, scroll pops, exit pops, time based messages and more!

Lists, Emails & SMS

Send emails, text messages, facebook replies, you name it. Optimize your sales systems with these advanced automation rules.

Intelligent Automations

Abandoned cart, up sells, down sells and create rules to place visitors and/or customers into these automations. 

Web Pages & Blog

Our super fast web pages load instantly for your visitors. Our web page builder is very intuitive and easy to use. It even built this very page you're on right now!


Add your physical, digital or membership based subscriptions and start selling. Connect your Stripe or PayPal accounts and start selling!

Calendar & Virtual Meetings

Automation emails can do things like invite specifically tagged customers to book meetings. All of this is done in-house with no external products necessary. We got you.

10 Reasons TO Use SCALAR SITES


  • Increase Your ROI in 30 Days FOR FREE

    We guarantee you will increase your ROI (Return On Investment) in the first 30 days using SCALAR SITES. We're so confident we'll give you the first 30 days for FREE!

  • Profitability with Precision

    We'll show you True ROI with our advanced tracking and reporting platform.

  • Super Accurate Tracking

    Every click is tracked from your clients IP address, and even across devices with our unique tracking technology.

  • Track All Traffic Sources

    A Single and Unified Dashboard unites your marketing and scaling efforts into one easy to understand view.

  • Deeply Integrated

    We'll pull all your Facebook, Google and YouTube account data into SCALAR SITES with no extensions required.

  • No Extensions Required

    SCALAR SITES integrates directly with Facebook and Google API systems for better access to data. You'll be impressed with the speed at which your data is accessible.

  • Fast & Easy Setup

    Setup takes only a few minutes. No need to create new ad campaigns, we'll show you how to update everything quickly.

  • Agency Friendly

    Have multiple clients you'd like to manage? No problem, just add another domain and get a unique tracking code. Imagine all your clients data at a glance with a single dashboard!

  • Better than WooCommerce or Shopfiy

    SCALAR SITES has all the extras you need right out of the box for the same low price, no need to keep adding on to your monthly bill. This is one of the ways we help you SCALE!

  • Real Time Analytics

    SCALAR SITES is a 'real time' application, throw it up on a separate monitor and leave it there all day without having to refresh a screen. Be up to the second with your business.

  • More Features In Development!


Please send us a message to see if SCALAR SITES is a good fit for your company. We will answer all your questions and help onboard you. We even have web site and marketing design specialists to help SCALE your business. 

Andrew Normore, Founder, CEO

Professional Services

We offer a wide variety of services to help your company SCALE. Weather you are in the very initial stages of your business or well established and looking to expand, SCALAR SITES has a package for you. We staff industry professionals who are dedicated to each component of growth stages.

Product Development

Want to launch a new idea? Let's find out how much it costs to develop and manufacture and get it shipped to your customers.

Customer Development

Let's find out together how much customers will pay for your products and get them hyped up and buying.

Branding Website & E-Commerce

We can develop your SCALAR SITES website and e-commerce to fit with your new or established brand.

Full Service Marketing

Facebook, Youtube, Google, Bing, Twitter, Instagram and more. We'll design and launch your marketing campaigns.

Training Services:
Zero To Hero CEO

We've put a Legendary training program together to take you from zero to HERO CEO. Our learning platform will take you through a variety of courses and at the end you'll have everything you need to launch your own E-Commerce, Lead Gen, Service Based or App based business.

Become a Hero CEO


Are you ready to start with SCALAR SITES? Please use this form to get in touch with us, we'll have a quick meeting and explore which services you need and get you setup for success right away.

"Yesterday You Said Tomorrow"
Andrew Normore, CEO