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We appreciate your interest in our company and are excited to share information about our business, financial performance, and growth strategy.

Company Overview

Scalar Sites began its software development in 2019 by Founder and CEO, Andrew Normore.

Our first customer was Best Western serving as a tool to improve communications between guests and the front desk and was at the time called "Faver CRM".

As Andrew went on to sell Faver CRM, he saw the market opportunity to be more than just a CRM. Businesses needed something powerful, but less complicated.

In 2021 Andrew begin the process of transforming Faver CRM into Scalar Sites, the All-In-One platform for websites, marketing and customer service.

Our target customers are large companies and enterprise level accounts in a B2B sales cycle, looking to streamline their tools with an all in one platform, with a particular need for CRM and marketing channels tightly integrated. On average, the account size this represents ranges between $5,000 to $20,000 of monthly recurring revenue.

Investment Opportunity

Scalar Sites is looking for savvy tech investors. 

The CRM market demand is still growing rapidly, while the price of CRM services is also increasing. The average stock price of a given top 10 competitor in the space has more than doubled since 2021.

Scalar Sites aims to compete with CRM services while offering even more solutions than just CRM. We recognize the potential of offering a unified platform and providing trained technicians to operate our platform as an Agency service, further increasing our company revenue. Companies may send their employees to our training system for certification; a critical component missing in selecting qualified markets and is a pain point for thousands of growing organizations.

In short, Scalar Sites makes significant revenue by offering its software platform that is diverse enough to resolve major blockers in a companies marketing efforts, and can provide Agency services to build a 'gig based economy' within its own platform.

The investment opportunity before you is getting invested with our initial Seed Funding round, representing up to 5% of the companies value. Our ambition is to become a public company and offer an IPO in 2026. We are looking for financial partners to support our growth.

Financial Information

Please contact us for a detailed analysis of current revenues starting from 2024 an onwards.

Since January 2024 Scalar Sites has onboarded 2 clients per month. We are looking to grow slow and ensure our platform is ready and stable before a large scale launch.

As the software is proven, Scalar Sites will begin to scale operations and onboard higher tier clients. 

Our forecasted revenue for 2024 is $150,000 in annual gross revenue.

Our forecasted revenue for 2025 is $500,000 in annual gross revenue.

The largest cost we have will be hiring staff (sales and marketing, onboarding and customer service support).

Our server and technology costs are quite affordable.

Corporate Governance

We are currently incorporated in the province of Onatrio.

Our CEO and Founder is Andrew Normore.

Scalar Sites is actively looking for board members. Please contact us.

Legal Disclaimer

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